Nekton vendor management is a business that is responsible for evaluating suppliers of goods and services, and overseeing regular interaction and long-term relationships with vendors. A key stakeholder in any successful business is the vendors they work with. We take a lot of care and consideration to make sure that the company is maximizing the value they are getting out of the relationship with the vendor.

We manage competent Vendors and Manufacturers making it easy to acquire the necessary items that will serve your business needs. We are equipped with the ability to persuade, influence and explore position and alternatives to reach   outcome that will gain acceptance of all parties and will also meet your organization strategy.

We help companies in controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service and deriving value from vendors. This includes researching about the best suitable vendors, sourcing, selecting and creating a work relationship with the best vendors.

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Vendor management requires inputs from legal, procurement, IT, and business units. The practice can help to lower costs, reduce duplication of tools and services, and strengthen relationships with core vendors.


The function of Vendor Management Expertise is to:

  • Ensure a contract is successfully executed provide a formalized method of monitoring Vendor performance against contract requirements
  • Ensure there is clarity of the roles and responsibilities by all parties relating to supplier and contract management.
  • Monitor overall compliance by all parties to the terms of the agreement and contract.
  • Refining and improving KPIs and service delivery through honest and open communication between the supplier and the authority.
  • Delivering improvements to both parties improve and develop relationships with key supplier representatives based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • Open communications and a joint approach to managing delivery.
  • Drive continual improvement.

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