How To Receive Payoneer Payments In Nigeria Using Kuda

kuda bank logo

Just recently a friend of mine tagged me in a tweet about a new banking platform in Nigeria that makes transactions seamless and fast. What caught my attention was the fact that one could use the banking app to make international payments. This banking platform is called Kuda and all you need to access its benefits […]


How To Get Rid Of Spam Comments From Your Website

Spam comments notification

Today, I would be sharing an hack on how to get rid of spam and unsolicited comments from appearing on your website. This article is applicable to WordPress websites but invariably, it also works for other web based platforms. What are spam comments? Although the definition of “Spam” is somewhat ambiguous and subjective according to […]


30 Sites for Landing Remote Jobs

A remote worker

It’s no longer news that one can work and earn right from the comfort of one’s home nowadays. The traditional way of getting a stable employment is changing and fast evolving in this present age. The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005 and this rate is increasing each […]


Safeguarding Your Online Security as an Individual

Hacker image

It is funny how a lot of people are vulnerable to cyber-assault when having their several online activities as a result of security loopholes created by them. It’s so bad that many are oblivious to it. This article would help us understand some of these loopholes and how to beef up our security online. POSSIBLE […]