Tips For Managers Working With A New Team

A Manager

When you start a new management position, you might feel overwhelmed. It can be intimidating to establish your authority among employees you’ve never worked with or those you don’t know very well. If you want your team to trust and respect you, you need to build a professional relationship with them, learning about their interests […]


Work Transparency and Employee Accountability in a Business Environment

Work transparency

Transparency, as an element of organizational context, refers to the communication of strategy from management “downwards” through the organization, as well as communication or knowledge management “across” the organization. These two elements of work transparency, namely; <olstyle=”margin: 0 20px;”> Vertical Transparency HorizontalTransparency Vertical Transparency Vertical transparency refers to the transparent communication from management downwards through […]


How to Maximize Your Time as a Leader

image showing a leader and his followers

Time is the one constant we are all given. No one gets more or less of it than anyone else. As leaders, it’s how we spend our time — what we choose to prioritize, and what we choose not to do at all — that reveals what’s important to us, and determines our team’s outcomes. If we want to […]