3 Ways to Test Your Startup Idea Before Investing Money

As an entrepreneur, failure is part of the process. Not every business concept or product design will be a winner. The key is to spot the duds quickly, so you can focus your time and money on the ideas that have the most potential. But even though we’ve all heard the advice to “fail fast,” […]


Disruption Is About Experiences. They Just Happen To Be Enabled By Tech.


When I talk about disruptive businesses, I’m talking about companies that change and shift the innate processes and systems that we’re used to. Businesses that find a way to better solve individual and collective challenges and use tech layers to implement those solutions. You’ll find most of the Taxi companies who have tried to respond […]


The 1 Difference Between People Who Aspire And People Who Succeed

I’ve learned only 1 thing is required in order for you to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s not having an MBA — I know plenty of people who have become successful without going to business school (myself included). It’s not about “knowing the right people” or having the perfect network — although that’s certainly an important part of the journey. […]


Building for Scale in Business

Structuring a business for growth must be the number one priority of every leader. With this in mind, there are a few rules one can follow in building for scale from the moment they start their company. How to Build for Scale in Business Document Everything: Every data point is a learning opportunity that most […]


How to Balance Work and Home Life

work-life balance

In this productivity-driven society that we are in, more and more people are finding it difficult to adequately fulfil their roles both at home and at the workplace. The result of this is strained relationship with family, poor physical and mental health and inefficiency at work. Hence, it is vitally important to strike a balance […]